100% biomass / inflorescence based on certified and organic industrial hemp obtained through authorized cultivation. Our products are carefully selected to ensure their high standards of quality and uniformity.Do not ingest. Thc value less than 0.2%. Intended for technical use / collecting. Use permitted by law in force in the EU and Portugal; regulation decree number 23/99; directive CE-2002/53; EC directive regulation 2002/57; EU regulation 1673/2000; regulation EC 1762/2000; regulation EC 245/2001; regulation EC 393/2004; EC regulation 796/2004; regulation CE 873/2005; regulation EC 953/2006: regulation CE507 / 2008; EC regulation 73/99; EU regulation 331/2011; EU regulation 1307/2013; EU regulation 331/2015; EU1155 / 2017 regulation; Processed and packaged by TomHemps.Variety: Seventy Five KushQuantity: 2g THC value not exceeding 0.2% according to article 32 point 6 of EU rule 1307/2013 and following changes. Expiration date: 12/2022

DILLAZ - Seventy Five Kusk Tom Hemps 2g